Dr T’s Peat-Free Succulent Compost


Dr T’s Peat-Free Succulent Compost is a high-quality potting compost developed in-house by Little Green. It’s specially formulated to provide adequate nutrients and drainage to cacti and other succulents. It’s also 100% peat-free!



The story…

Many of the plants we sell here at Little Green are native to warmer, more arid regions. This means that the soil they’re potted in needs to have some very specific qualities to ensure that they have adequate nutrients and drainage.

For us, it’s also important that we use a peat-free compost because we don’t want to contribute to the environmental damage that peat harvesting causes. Unfortunately, we hit a bit of a snag when we discovered that there were no high-quality, peat-free compost that were suitable for our plants… so we decided to develop one ourselves! Our compost has been specially formulated by our very own Dr. T (he’s a Doctor of psychology, but shhh!) to keep house plants happy, healthy and looking their best.

All that, and it’s 100% peat-free!

Why is Peat-Free important?

Peat is a mush of partially-decayed vegetation and other organic matter. You’ve probably seen it as a common ingredient in compost used in agriculture, domestic gardening and in the potting of houseplants. The problem is, peat only forms naturally in places like bogs and moors and harvesting it has a significant environmental impact.

Peatlands are the most effective carbon sink on the planet, which means they’re very good and absorbing and holding onto CO2. When peat is harvested, vast amounts of this CO2 are released into the atmosphere, which has a huge impact on global climate change. In fact, a 2010 study found that peatland degradation accounted for almost 6% of all global carbon emissions!

Peatlands are also home to many rare plant and animal species, due to the unique acidic environment peat creates. Peat extraction is a very destructive process and irreparably damages the natural habitat of snakes, dragonflies, mosses and other species.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Size2 litre