Hoya Bella Hoya Carnosa


  • Trailing plant with tails that can grow to a meter long
  • Beautiful, waxy white flowers May to August
  • Can be given a trim if it starts to get ‘lockdown hair’

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    A terracotta saucer adds a decorative touch to your house plant and also helps protect surfaces from water damage if the plant is overwatered.

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No two plants are the same. Yours will have it's own unique colouring, variegation, shape and size.

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Additional information

Scientific name Hoya Carnosa
Also known as Hoya Bella or Porcelain Flower
Origin Australia, Southeast Asia
Plant type Jungle plant
Toxicity May be toxic - keep out of reach of pets and children
Other info The boxes pictured are for display purposes and are not included with the plant
Weight 2 kg
Approx. height (including pot) 40cm

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