Pilea Pilea peperomioides


  • Easy to car for, likes watering often but can tolerate droughts
  • Great propergators
  • Member of the Nettle family, but not worry this lovley plant has no sting!

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The Pilea peperomioides is a low-growing evergreen house plant. It produces glossy, round leaves on the ends of slender stems which grow in bunches. The Chinese Money Plant, as it’s otherwise known, is said bring luck and friendship. This little plant was first brought from its native China to Scandinavia in the ’40s, where it spread amongst amateur gardeners via cuttings, whilst remaining relatively unknown to botanists. From unusual, almost ‘underground’ beginnings, the Pilea peperomioides’ popularity has skyrocketed with the rise of Scandinavian design and more latterly the Hygge movement.

Additional information

Scientific name Pilea peperomioides
Also known as Chinese Money Plant
Origin China
Plant type Jungle plant
Suitable lighting conditions Direct sunlight or bright indirect sunlight
Toxicity Not known to be toxic
Weight 2 kg
Approx. height (including pot) 30cm