Moonstones Plant Pachyphytum oviferum


  • Those fat, little leaves are soooo cute!
  • Produces its own protective coat of farina
  • Easy to propagate – if any leaves fall off, just pop them back in the pot and they’ll start to grow!

Add a terracotta saucer?

A terracotta saucer adds a decorative touch to your house plant and also helps protect surfaces from water damage if the plant is overwatered.

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The Pachyphytum produces beautiful red/orange flowers in late winter-early spring, so unusually it needs more watering in the winter months. This hardly little succulent prefers a dry, sunny location. In its native Mexico it lives on the sides of hills around rockier areas, so doesn’t really like much water. Only water it once the soil has dried out and the leaves are starting to look a little wrinkly.

The leaves are coated with a natural white powder called ‘farina’ which protects the leaves from the sun. It’s best to avoid touching the leaves as this might remove the protective coating.

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Additional information

Weight2 kg
Scientific namePachyphytum oviferum
Also known asMoonstones, Sugaralmond Plant
Plant TypeSucculent
Amount of sunlightDirect sunlight, Some direct sunlight