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Ficus Robusta ‘Rubber’ Plant Ficus Elastica Robusta


  • Just wants to keep on living, even with the most forgetful waterers
  • Removes formaldehyde from the air
  • Seen in just about every interior design magazine ever made
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A very popular house plant, and with good reason! A member of the fig tree family, this stunning rubber plant grows large stiff leaves from a central stem tipped with a pink spike. Its almost impossible to miss this stylish plant from the pages of design magazines.

The robusta variety (as it sounds) is much more hardy than its lyrata cousin and will happy in any bright room, out of direct sunlight.  Water once the soil on the top of the pot drys out, but do not allow to sit in water, does not like wet feet.

Additional information

Scientific name Ficus Elastica Robusta
Also known as Rubber Fig or Rubber Plant
Origin Southeast Asia
Plant type Jungle plant
Suitable lighting conditions Bright indirect sunlight
Care tips Water once the soil on the top of the pot drys out, but do not allow to sit in water - this may lead to root rot.
Toxicity May be toxic - keep out of reach of pets and children
Other info A great air cleaner
Weight 2 kg
Approx. height (including pot) 35cm, 50cm