Dracena Janet Craig Dracaena fragrans


  • On NASA’s top 10 list of air-purifying plants
  • Easy to look after
  • Handles low-light environments

Add a terracotta saucer?

A terracotta saucer adds a decorative touch to your house plant and also helps protect surfaces from water damage if the plant is overwatered.

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The Dracaena fragrans is a tropical plant, native to Africa. It’s a very popular houseplant due to its hardiness, requiring little light and water and being very easy to care for. It’s recommended by NASA an excellent air cleaner, as it filters-out impurities and pollutants from the air.

Treat it mean, keep it keen. These tough little plants like a bit of neglect. They handle relatively low lighting conditions and are a good choice for those people who are, let’s say “relaxed” about watering. It’s best to let the roots dry-out completely between soakings as it doesn’t like sitting in water for a long time.

Additional information

Scientific name Dracaena fragrans
Family Asparagaceae
Genus Dracaena
Origin Central Africa, Southern Africa
Plant Type Jungle Plant
Amount of sunlight Bright indirect sunlight, Shade
Special features Air-cleaning