Crassula Hottentot Crassula marnieriana


  • Trailing succulent
  • Easy to care-for
  • Very easy to propagate and make more plants
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This slow-growing, spectacular succulent is a perfect friend for your desk or windowsill. It’s odd tendrils resemble a string of coins and produce little red flowers once mature and well looked-after. If it does have any accidents, any fallen stems can be popped back in the pot to regrow – a neat succulent party trick.

This hardly little succulent prefers a dry, sunny location. It prefers under-watering rather than over watering, so good for a forgetful waterer. It doesn’t like water left on its leaves as this can cause rot so it’s better to water it from beneath by sitting the pot in the sink and letting it absorb water through the drainage hole at the bottom. Only water once the soil has dried out and the leaves are starting to look a little wrinkly.

All our succulents are potted in our Dr T’s Peat-Free Succulent and Cacti Compost.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Scientific nameCrassula marnieriana
Also known asBaby Necklace, Crassula Worm Plant, Jade Necklace Vine, String of Pennies
OriginSouthern Africa
Plant TypeSucculent
Amount of sunlightBright indirect sunlight, Direct sunlight, Some direct sunlight