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Monstera ‘Swiss Cheese’ Deliciosa Monstera deliciosa


  • Air cleaner and can improve humidity in air-conditioned spaces
  • Eye-catching fenestrate leaves
  • Super hardy

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Monstera deliciosa is a species of flowering plant native to Panama and Mexico. It’s great at seeking-out sunlight and in its natural jungle habitat climbs other trees to reach it. Its hardiness and popularity has have allowed it to spread rapidly in places like Hawaii and the Seychelles.

The “Swiss Cheese Plant”, as it’s also known, is one tough cookie and it’s relatively fast-growing, making it a perfect plant for a beginner. It’s fascinating to observe their gorgeous, glossy, fenestrate (a fancy word for holey) leaves as they sprout, uncurl and mature.

Swiss Cheese Plant care tips

Monstera hail from tropical climates so they love bright, indirect sunlight and a humid environment, making them a great choice for a kitchen or bathroom. This plant likes regularity so try to water it on a schedule, letting the soil almost dry-out between soakings. Some leaves will start to yellow if it gets thirsty, but just increase watering and the plant should recover.

The Cheese Plant will produce long feelers (or aerial roots) as it matures – don’t cut them off but feel free to guide them around a nearby post or back around the plant itself.

Additional information

Scientific name Monstera deliciosa
Also known as Swiss Cheese Plant, Cheese Plant, Fruit Salad Plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Monster Fruit, Penglai Banana or Windowleaf
Origin Central America
Plant type Jungle plant
Suitable lighting conditions Some direct sunlight, bright indirect sunlight or shade
Care tips Try to water it on a schedule, letting the soil almost dry-out between soakings. Leaves may yellow if it's not getting enough moisture.
Toxicity May be toxic - keep out of reach of pets and children
Other info A great air cleaner
Weight 2 kg
Approx. height (including pot) 65cm