Asparagus Fern Asparagus densiflorus


  • Air cleaner
  • Technically a lily
  • Easiest of the ferns to grow

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This ‘fern’ is not a fern… it’s actually a member of the lily family. This variety is much easier to take care of their cousins – unlike the Boston Ferns which tend to die if you so much as look at them for too long, the Asparagus Fern can withstand a short drought without keeling over. It’s also a great air purifying plant, able to suck harmful toxins out of the air.

Despite the name, don’t eat it – unlike it’s delicious namesake vegetable, this plant is toxic to us.

Like most plants that live on the edge of caves, this plant needs watering often and keeping out of direct sunlight. If its not getting enough light its delicate foliage will turn yellow and drop off, but it should recover quickly once moved to a sunnier spot. The Asparagus Fern will thrive in more humid parts of your house such as your kitchen or bathroom.

Additional information

Scientific name Asparagus densiflorus
Also known as Asparagus Fern, Asparagus Setaceus, Foxtail Fern or Plume Asparagus
Origin Southern Africa
Plant type Jungle plant
Suitable lighting conditions Bright indirect sunlight
Care tips Keep the soil damp and mist occasionally. Its leaves may yellow if it's not getting enough moisture or light.
Toxicity May be toxic - keep out of reach of pets and children
Other info A great air cleaner
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