Plant Re-Potting Service

Get your plants a little TLC.

On the whole, house plants are very easy to look after, growing for many years without much more than a little water every now and then. However, it’s important to re-pot your plants every so often to ensure they continue to get all the nutrients they need.

But we know that re-potting plants isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. There’s also the “ouch!” factor to think about with the particularly prickly chaps and trying to re-pot a plant with boxing gloves on never ends well (trust us).

Let us take care of it

At select markets we offer a cacti and succulent re-potting service. Just bring your plants along to our stall and we’ll carefully re-bed them in a beautiful terracotta pot and a helping of our specially formulated, peat-free compost.

Keep an eye on our Instagram feed for news about upcoming markets where our re-potting service will be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just get the compost?

Absolutely! If you’d rather re-pot your succulents yourself, you can pick up a 2l bag of Dr. T’s Peat Free Succulent Compost for just £3. It’s available on or stall or in the online shop.

Can you use my pot?

Yes. If you already have a pot you’d like us to use, just bring it along with you. Just make sure it has a drainage hole in the bottom otherwise your plant might get waterlogged.

I can’t make it to one of your markets. Can you still re-pot my plant?

Yeah, we’re sure we can figure something out. Just drop us a message and let us know what you need.

Why do you use peat-free compost?

We’re glad you asked. You can find out all about that here.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of pot sizes to make sure your plant will have all the room it needs to see it through the rest of the year. The prices below include the terracotta pot, compost and a dose of Little Green TLC.

Pot Size Price
11cm £2.50
13cm £3
15cm £4
20cm £5.50
24cm £6.50