Spring Has Sprung

Here at Little Green we’ve temporarily had to almost completely stop the retail side of our business, but we are keeping busy and spring is in the air. The younger generation of Little Green are keeping our plants growing and indeed thriving at our studio in Bedminster. Here at Tobia Towers we are nurturing our indoor plants and growing plants from seed. Some, like the courgettes (below left) are for sustenance whilst others like the spectacular tulip (below right) are to beautify our house and garden.

Most of our lettuce seeds (below left) have emerged, but the runner beans (utilising old toilet roll inners, below right) have yet to sprout.

Other plants like the succulents and jungle plants below, adorn our greenhouse and bathroom with new shoots emerging almost daily.

Little Green will emerge to again too, and we’re looking forward to meeting you all again. We are using this forced hibernation to plan and plot our future initiatives, so watch this space. In the words of Vera Lynn (yes we are that old) we’ll meet again don’t know where , don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.

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