Our Gift Vouchers Just Got Better!

As well as the re-opening of our online shop this week, we’re also very excited to announce some big improvements to our gift vouchers that several of our customers have asked for…

Digital and Printed Vouchers

We started with digital vouchers, then we switched to physical, printed ones and now finally, we do both at once! On our online shop you can now choose between a Digital Gift Voucher and a Printed Gift Voucher.

Digital Gift Vouchers are emailed directly to the recipient and you can choose to have it sent straight away, or on a specific date — great for things like Birthday presents.

Our gorgeous Printed Gift Vouchers are printed on environmentally-friendly algal bloom paper and can be posted to the recipients via 1st or 2nd Class post. You can even add a greetings card if you like, and you can also choose to have a digital copy of the voucher emailed to them in case they ever misplace the paper one.

Whether you buy a digital or a printed voucher, they both work in the exact same way and can both be redeemed in our online shop or at one of our market stalls.

Keep and check your balance

Our gift vouchers are no longer single-use, which means you can spend part of it to buy a plant or two, and keep the remaining balance to spend one more plants later! You can also check the remaining balance of your gift voucher at any time on our website. Another improvement is that gift vouchers can now be applied to the entire cost of an online order, including any delivery fees!

What about existing vouchers?

If you already have a Little Green voucher that you haven’t spent yet, all these improvements apply to your voucher too! We’re still in the process of converting previously-issued vouchers and you can check if your has been updated using the balance checker. If it says that your voucher number does not exist, drop us an email with your code and we’ll get it upgraded ASAP.

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