COVID-19: How Little Green is Affected

As you’re no doubt aware, the current advice from the Government is that everyone in the country should stay at home and only leave if it’s absolutely necessary. This obviously impacts a lot of businesses, including ourselves. Here’s how things stand at the moment.


We won’t be attending any markets for the foreseeable future. When the advice from the Government changes we’ll re-assess the situation but will only return if we’re confident that it won’t put ourselves, our customers or the NHS at risk.

Online Shop

UPDATE: We are now delivering again. Yay! Please see this post for the announcement or this page for the latest information about our deliveries. The original (out-of-date) post continues below.

We aren’t currently selling or delivering plants or any other hand-delivered items through our online shop. We are still selling Gift Vouchers and Fiona Clabon’s beautiful greetings cards though! These will be sent via Royal Mail and dropped in a postbox when one of us goes out for essential groceries or exercise. Signed-for/tracked delivery options that require the items to be taken to a Post Office, have been temporarily removed from the checkout page. Please note that while most Royal Mail deliveries are still running on-time, they warn that there may be some disruption to their service which you should also be aware of.

While preparing your order for posting, we’ll continue to take extra care to wash our hands before and after handling your items.

A heartfelt thank-you and all the best to all our customers during this difficult time. We hope that you’re all staying safe and are finding the positives of social distancing and the ‘lockdown’. By making these sacrifices we can all help save lives and protect the NHS.

We can’t wait to see you all back at the market when this is all over.

Team Little Green

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